Hi! My name is Laura.

I’m a professional photographer with a passion for ethical fashion, sustainability, and animal welfare. 

While I currently call Montreal home, I was raised in Nicaragua. Being the daughter of a woman who was involved in training and empowering rural women in agriculture development made me realize at an early age how important it is to support fair-trade, sustainable, and ethical practices. My mom encouraged these women to be independent and grow their own farms, and through that, inspired me to understand the importance of these values. While I wasn’t aware of these teachings at the time, I could sense their significance. I was privileged to be surrounded by nature and I could see how severe it was when Mother Earth was unhappy. I knew I cared about these values, but I had a hard time realizing how I could help on a bigger scale, while doing what I loved.

my passion for photography and sustainability stems from my devotion to be part of the solution. By creating visual storytelling for conscious brands and entrepreneurs, I hope to empower sustainable businesses and to inspire people to live a more conscious lifestyle.

 Ever since I was a little girl, I fell in love with the arts and explored different art mediums as a way to express myself. I explored ballet, folkloric Nicaraguan dancing, painting, and theater, but it was when I discovered photography that I knew I had found my raison d’être.

Strange as it may sound, it was not until I developed a chronic disease that I figured out on how to blend both of my passions together.

My condition made me dig deeper into my interest for sustainability.  Uncovering information on health helped me to realize how profound the relationship is between humans, animals and the earth, and how everything truly is connected. These realizations encouraged me to alter my lifestyle by adopting a vegan way of living. I decided I could no longer contribute to any other living being’s suffering.

The unethical practices in fashion, the animal agriculture industry, and cruelty in the beauty industry are an outdated business model. I hope to inspire you to live a more sustainable lifestyle and to discover more sustainable brands. I still have a lot to learn and I am far from perfect, but I hope we can go forward together!